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Music is Powerful

This morning before pulling out of the carport to head to work, I decided it was time to take out the Christmas CD and put something different in.  I shuffled through the stack of playlists burned on to CD’s and found one that had nothing written on the front.  I popped it in the CD player and immediately recognized the first song, and the second and so on.  I thought for a moment about where this CD came from and then I remembered – my closest college pal had put the playlist together for me.  She chose songs that the two of us listented to often; songs with special memories attached to them.  The whole way to work, I sang along, laughed, reminisced and ultimately, felt like I had just gotten a great big hug from Marisa.

This scene made me think about the power that music has.  It can make our emotions soar joyfully, or all but pull tears from our eyes.  It can soothe, comfort, inspire – the list goes on.  And then I started thinking about why music is such a powerful tool when we use it to worship the Lord.

We know that worship and music went hand-in-hand during biblical times.  Psalms 95:1 says, “Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!” (emphasis mine).  There are many MANY more examples of singing and praising God with music.

But what about those times when you come to church, feeling distraught, anxious, upset?  You hear the first few notes of a song and something stirs inside of you.  You begin to sing, to remember that God is powerful and good.  And the heaviness begins to lift.  While looking for scriptures about music, one really caught my attention.  It appears in the story of Saul and David, right after David becomes an armor bearer to Saul.  1 Samuel 16:23 reads, “And whenever the evil spirit from God came upon Saul, David took the lyre and played it with his hand, and Saul would be relieved and feel better, and the evil spirit would depart from him.”

I think God created music with a special plan in mind.  Music has this way of easing our spirit and helping us open up to worship God and listen for His voice.  It reminds me of water – gentle enough to wash the most delicate skin, yet strong enough to carve the Grand Canyon.


I’m so curious to know your thoughts on this idea.  Please let me know what you think!